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Abortion is the most intensely debated issue in American culture today. Factions within the country are at odds with each other and heightened political rhetoric over this issue divides our nation. Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) exist in every community to serve as peace makers that love both the mother considering abortion and her unborn baby. Both are valuable human lives and both need care and compassionate concern from society.

In the United States, more than sixty (60) million unborn children have been aborted since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973, and over 2,500 abortions occur every day. At this alarming rate, the prolife PRC is on the front line of this cultural battle. At PRCs, mothers who are considering abortion receive compassionate counseling, emotional support and information regarding their options.

Founded in 1993, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) provides life-affirming PRCs with legal counsel, education, and training. Providing critical counsel to PRCs to enable them to avoid legal pitfalls in their operations, NIFLA continues to grow and now represents over 1,400 member PRC's across the country.

NIFLA is the national leader in the development of legal guidelines to help PRCs convert to licensed medical clinics. Through NIFLA's The Life Choice Project (TLC), hundreds of PRCs have made a successful conversion to medical clinic status. By providing medical services, including ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, PRCs open a window to the womb for abortion-minded patients. After viewing an ultrasound, the vast majority of these patients choose life. Of NIFLA's membership, nearly 1,100 PRCs operate as medical clinics.

NIFLA members receive vital information regarding legal and medical issues through monthly publications, Legal Tips and Clinic Tips. NIFLA members also receive a Legal Audit, which identifies legal deficiencies that exist in their operations and need to be corrected. To support the PRC's mission, NIFLA offers medical training for nurses in limited obstetric ultrasound in the PRC setting, continuing nurses training in ultrasound online and our National Medical Advisory Board.

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