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It Is Not Just the Economy Stupid!

By Thomas A. Glessner, J.D.
December 9, 2011

Across the political spectrum we hear continuous lamentations about the state of the economy and how voter's economic concerns will determine the political direction of the nation in the next election. Both the Tea Party on the right and Occupy Wall Street on the left show great discontent and anxiety over our economic future.

What role, if any, will social issues (and particularly the abortion issue) play in the upcoming election of 2012?

While expressing prolife sentiments, leaders of the Tea Party movement have been adamant that social issues, i.e. abortion, will not be given any place of importance in the current public debate. They assert that such issues are divisive and, if emphasized, will weaken the impact of their demands for pro-growth economic policies and fundamental reforms of our political system.

These pundits fail to realize, however, that in addition to the millions of American who want to only discuss economic woes are millions more who care about the moral fabric and decay of the country. Such social conservatives deeply care about the killing of 3,500 unborn children a day — 1.2 million a year through abortion. They intensely care about the emotional devastation that abortion brings to both men and women. And they profoundly care about the cultural loss of respect for life that has engulfed our culture after 38 years of abortion on demand in America.

These people will also vote, unless their heartfelt concerns are not addressed. Accordingly, if such matters are not discussed in the public square as critical issues then such voters will stay home on election-day.

These heartfelt concerns cry out for our nation to choose a different path from the one upon which it is currently traveling. The millions of unborn human beings who now are subject to abortion and their mothers who have been told that ending the life of their pre-born is their only solution are truly the voiceless in our nation. They need political leaders to courageously step up and advocate their cause of life.

Such life advocates do exist through the work of charitable Pregnancy Resource Centers and Medical Clinics (PRCs). These voices for the voiceless are in every community providing life-affirming resources to empower mothers to choose life. With the help of PRCs and the support of caring communities of faith many women choose life and are given hope for the future.

President Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 in the midst of a difficult economic recession. He campaigned on economic issues with the slogan "It's the economy stupid." As in 1992 we can also agree that the state of the economy is critical to our national future.

But we must also assert loudly and clearly that "It is not just the economy stupid!"

Copyright © 2011 by Thomas A. Glessner. All rights reserved.

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