Course Description

NIFLA’s Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound is your first step in a two-step process to becoming competent in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound. Our course is offered both in person and online and will provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge and training needed to get you ready for the hands-on portion of this process.

Our in-person training is a three-day intensive track with a combination of classroom style didactic education and hands-on orientation to scanning. Many of our in-person trainings also offer a Director’s Track. This Director’s Track provides center leadership with the necessary education and practical training to run your center with expertise in legal matters, medical standards, policies and procedures, marketing and much more.

The online platform offers trainees 30 full days to complete their education covering the same didactic education as the in-person as well as some additional online only material such as extra scanning samples.

Both of our courses, regardless if you come in person or online, offer you the best and most advanced training available in this field. You will learn not only how to scan, but also the legal and interpersonal workings of this unique job position.