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The Life Choice Project (TLC)

Since 1998, NIFLA has provided Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) with all the resources necessary to convert operations into licensed medical clinics. Through The Life Choice Project (TLC), NIFLA's unique program, PRCs are provided all the necessary elements for a PRC to complete the difficult process of converting to medical clinic status. By offering medical services such as ultrasound, a powerful medical tool is utilized that empowers mothers to choose life. Ultrasound opens a window to the womb where the mother is first introduced to her unborn child. When PRCs convert to medical clinic status, they experience many benefits including: an increase in total number of patients seen throughout the year, an increase in the number of abortion-minded patients seen, and a dramatic increase in the percentage of clients seen who choose life.

What’s Included in TLC?

The Life Choice Project (TLC) provides your center with all the resources needed for the successful conversion to medical clinic status. Each TLC center receives a comprehensive package of services:

To encourage medical clinic conversion for Pregnancy Resource Centers through The Life Choice Project (TLC) select the "Donate Now to Save Lives" button on the right.

Request More Information

To receive more information on The Life Choice Project, please contact Katherine Hager at the NIFLA office (540) 372-3930 or [email protected]). Please include your name, title, center name, center address, center phone number, and the best email address where she can respond.

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