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Membership Benefits & Services

Membership in NIFLA provides numerous benefits and resources. NIFLA offers assistance in areas of incorporation, tax-exempt status, tort liability, consumer protection, Board liabilities, operations, best practices, medical conversion and other important areas of legal significance.

Membership Services

  1. The Legal Primer for Pregnancy Resource Centers, an indispensable manual dealing with the fundamental issues facing Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) and Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) from tax exempt status, corporate issue, tort liability Board issues, etc.
  2. Legal Audit, a complete legal analysis of the operations of PRCs and PMCs that identifies areas of deficiency that should be corrected and makes legal recommendations.
  3. Legal Tips, a monthly memorandum that provides legal guidance on significant issues relating to the operations of PRCs/PMCs.
  4. Clinic Tips, a monthly memorandum that instructs on medical issues of significance in relation to the operations of a PMC.
  5. Unlimited phone consultations with our legal counsel and experienced staff.
  6. Basic Operations Policies & Procedures, foundational P & P for every PRC/PMC.
  7. Employee Handbook, a Policies & Procedure guide for employees of PRCs/PMCs.
  8. HIPAA Compliance Manual for PMCs and state by state analysis of Privacy Laws.

Reduced Rate Services for Members

  1. Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound, a training course for medical and management personnel in the legal requirements of providing limited ultrasound services in a medical clinic setting.
  2. Medical Clinic Conversion Manual, a critical tool for any center converting to medical.
  3. Patriot Insurance, a program with a partnering organization providing general liability, professional liability, director and officers liability, and medical malpractice insurance written specifically for PRCs/PMCs.
  4. Medical Policies & Procedures, a comprehensive policy and procedure online database for use as a template for your operations.

Additional NIFLA Services (fee based)

Board Development includes onsite training seminars on issues of legal significance and Board training materials.

The Life Choice Project (TLC) provides all of the resources necessary for a Pregnancy Resource Center to convert its operations to medical clinic status.

The Board of Directors and staff of NIFLA are honored to serve as a resource to enable your life-affirming ministry to become the most effective and positive resource in your community.

The cost of new membership begins at $315 but varies depending on your particular PRC/PMC. If you would like to join NIFLA, click here.

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