Membership Benefits

NIFLA membership provides numerous benefits and resources. NIFLA offers assistance in areas of:

Membership Services

  1. The Legal Primer for Pregnancy Centers — An indispensable manual that instructs how to deal with the fundamental issues facing pregnancy centers and medical clinics, such as tax-exempt status, corporate issues and tort liability Board issues.
  2. Legal Audit — A complete legal analysis of pregnancy center and medical clinic operations that identifies areas of deficiency and makes legal recommendations.
  3. Legal Tips — A monthly memorandum that provides legal guidance on significant issues relating to the operations of pregnancy centers and medical clinics.
  4. Clinic Tips — A monthly memorandum for medical members that instructs on medical issues of significance in relation to the operations of a pregnancy medical clinic.
  5. Unlimited phone consultations with our legal counsel and experienced staff.
  6. Basic Operations, Policies & Procedures — Foundational policies and procedures for every pregnancy center and medical clinic.
  7. Employee Handbook — A policies and procedures guide for employees of pregnancy centers and medical clinics.

Reduced Rate Services for Members

  1. Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound — A training course for medical and management personnel in the legal requirements of providing limited ultrasound services in a medical clinic setting.
  2. Pregnancy Medical Manual — A manual that includes, infrastructure and workflow systems, establishing a strong foundation for the medical clinic, medical policies and procedures, and limited obstetric ultrasound services.
  3. Patriot Insurance — A program with a partnering organization providing general liability, professional liability, director and officers liability, and medical malpractice insurance written specifically for pregnancy centers and medical clinics.
  4. Medical Policies & Procedures — Comprehensive policies and procedures for use in the medical clinic setting.
  5. Maranatha Baptist University Graduate Programs — 50% reduced tuition benefit to NIFLA affiliated pregnancy center staff enrolled in a graduate online program through MBU.

Additional NIFLA Services (Fee Based)

  1. Board Development includes on-site training seminars on issues of legal significance and Board training materials.
  2. The Life Choice Project (TLC) provides all of the resources necessary for a pregnancy center to convert its operations to medical clinic status.

The Board of Directors and staff of NIFLA are honored to serve as a resource to enable your life-affirming ministry to become the most effective and positive resource in your community.

The cost of new membership ranges from $355 to $420 depending on your selection of medical or non-medical membership and affiliation with other national organizations. If you would like to join NIFLA, click here:

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