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Created Equal: Reflections on the Unalienable Right to Life

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Materials purchased through NIFLA contain original content that is copyrighted by National Institute of Family & Life Advocates (NIFLA). As purchaser, you agree not to share the content, in part or in whole, beyond the use of your organization. You may run copies for your organization as needed.

It is the responsibility of your organization to ensure the adaptation of the content within these materials is modified to reflect compliance to specific state laws or regulations. Future changes in regulations or laws that may affect any documents contained within these materials will be the responsibility of the purchaser to apply, and NIFLA is not held responsible for changes as may be needed in the future.

These materials has been developed for education purposes and to be helpful in the creation/updating of policies, procedures and general content, and are no way deemed to be written as legal advice. Your organization should consult with your legal counsel in the specific application of current or future content. As well, these materials and training are the advice and processes of NIFLA and do not constitute any type of endorsement of any organization which utilizes them.

*To order products as a NIFLA member, log into the member center and go to member products.

Legal Audit for Pregnancy Resource Centers

A legal audit of your operations helps to identify legal deficiencies that must be corrected to avoid potential legal problems. It is our desire to provide preventive legal consultation and guidance to you and your attorney to enable your center to operate with a clean "bill of health". This service is provided at no additional charge to NIFLA Members.

Cost: $750 (included in NIFLA Membership)

Diagnostic Health Group Ultrasound Supply Form

NIFLA partners with Diagnostic Health Group to make available supplies for your ultrasound program. Items such as ultrasound gel, disinfectant spray, probe covers, printer paper and exam table items can be ordered at a substantial savings to you as a NIFLA member. Orders must be submitted directly to Diagnostic Health Group (directions for ordering are on the order form).

To order and view product descriptions and prices, please download the Diagnostic Health Group Order Form (PDF).

Medical Clinic Pre-Assessment

Has your center considered medical clinic conversion but you are not quite sure if your organization is ready? The Medical Clinic Pre-Assessment tool is exactly what you need. This one-page questionnaire, along with a one-hour consultation with experienced NIFLA staff and your Board, will help review and explore key areas to consider before converting to medical.

Cost: $99

What About the Father?

What About the Father? is a color, tri-fold brochure which answers common questions about the nature of the relationship between the client and the father of the baby, such as: "May the mother leave the father's name off the birth certificate?", "What about child support?", "How does paternity testing work?" The brochure includes your center's contact information printed on the back cover ($25 extra charge for special fonts or graphics).

When ordering the What About the Father? brochure, please submit your center's information if it is different than your account information. Please indicate changes in the comments box on the "review order" page. We would also appreciate you submitting your website address if available.

Price is for a lot of 100 brochures. Allow three weeks for delivery.

Cost: $35 ($25 for NIFLA members)

Books by Thomas A. Glessner

Destiny's Team: A Story About Love, Choices and Eternity
Anomalos Publishing 2007
An intense choice between life and death threatens to destroy the moment of glory for an NFL superstar! Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback Jason O'Connor has led his team to an NFLA conference championship and a spot in the Super Bowl. During the two-week time period preceding the Super Bowl, O'Connor is confronted with ghosts from his past and is faced with an agonizing choice between life and death. His resolution of the issues with which he is battling will impact his ability to play in the big game. In his struggle to do what is right, O'Connor finds redemption and a second chance.

Cost: $15 ($15 for NIFLA members)

The Emerging Brave New World
Anomalos Publishing 2008
In his classic novel Brave New World, English writer Aldous Huxley wrote of a future where human beings are manipulated, abused and even killed for the perceived good of society. Huxley envisioned a future where human life is cheapened and easily disposed of for the benefit of a controlling elite. Christian philosopher C.S. Lewis referred to such an elite as men without chests. Indeed, in such a brave new world humanity itself is redefined to allow for the elimination of those deemed inferior. Is Huxley's ghoulish nightmare about to descend upon America? Will we lose control over our destiny to an elite comprised of men without chests? Thomas Glessner writes of the gradual dehumanization on human beings that has invaded American culture and has accelerated at a frightening pace since the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. The subsequent dehumanization of unborn human beings and the emergence of abortion on demand have opened the door to a culture where humanity is redefined and those deemed of insignificant value are eliminated. This book discusses the ongoing cultural battle between the traditional sanctity of life ethic, which has been the foundation of Western civilization and American culture for centuries and the modern quality of life ethic, which is increasingly gaining control in academia as well as the hearts and minds of the public. Glessner challenges the Christian church to respond to the current cultural decline by placing priority upon efforts to restore the sanctity of life ethic in our cultural institutions. Only through such monumental efforts will the emergence of a brave new world be defeated. With foreword by Senator Tom Coburn, United States Senate.

Cost: $15 ($15 for NIFLA members)

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