Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound

NIFLA’s Institute in Limited
Obstetric Ultrasound

NIFLA’s desire is to have ultrasound available in every pregnancy center. Through NIFLA’s Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound and connections with NIFLA’s ultrasound partners, our hope is that pro-life pregnancy centers will have the needed resources to provide positive and educational ultrasound experience for their clients. Please look below for all information regarding our recommended two-step training process.

NIFLA’s Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound

NIFLA’s Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound is your first step in a two-step process to become competent in limited obstetric ultrasound. Our course is offered both in person and online. It will provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge and training needed to get you ready for the hands-on portion of this process. These courses will offer you the most advanced training available in this field. You will learn not only how to scan, but be educated on the legal and interpersonal workings of this unique job position.

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Please email Audrey Stout at astout[email protected] to see if this training is right for you.

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Soundview’s Hands-On Training

After completing the Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound, 50-75 additional supervised scans are necessary to become proficient in limited obstetric ultrasound. Soundview Imaging helps centers complete this second step of their training! Soundview’s qualified RDMS team provides hands-on instruction, training and skill assessments for medical professionals serving in life-affirming pregnancy medical clinics.

For more information on training with Soundview, click here (PDF).


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Micayla Rhoades ([email protected]) for all course inquires.

Limited OB Sonography Course

For MDs and Advanced Clinical Providers

This Limited OB Sonography Course for MDs and Advanced Clinical Providers, created by Dr. Byron Calhoun, is a recommended additional course that physicians can take following NIFLA’s Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound. While this course is sponsored by NIFLA, it is not managed by NIFLA staff. All questions must be forwarded to Byron Calhoun’s office (304-388-1599).

This Physician’s course has obtained approval by the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) to grant 20 CMEs for Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners (WHNP), Physician Assistants in Obstetrics and Gynecology (PAOG) and MDs. This is part of the education preparation for physicians and advanced clinical providers to perform and interpret Limited Obstetric Ultrasound Exams.

Please go to the following link for AIUM’s education and practice recommendations:

AIUM Training Guidelines

NIFLA has created a learning path for you to follow to gain this knowledge.
Here is what you need to do (in this order):

  • Complete NIFLA’s Institute in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound In Person or Online. With the in-person course, 20 CMEs are available through the CMDA, please click here for more information.
  • Complete Dr. Byron Calhoun’s Physician’s Online Course in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound.

Find more information and register for Dr. Calhoun’s course here:

Physician’s Course